Rebel Worker Issue #1!


Issue #1 of Cork's newest anarchist publication, the Rebel Worker will be appearing bimonthly (when possible) and will be distributed both on its own and as an insert in the WSM's long-standing free newspaper, Workers Solidarity. The current issue features articles on the health service, May Day, abortion rights in Ireland and info on the WSM's involvement in ongoing workers' and community struggles.


Articles in Issue #1 are:

'SICKO...Coming Soon To Cork?'
- an investigation of 'co-location' private hospital plans in Cork city

'May Day in Cork - Get Involved!'
- short piece on preparations for the 2008 May Day parade in the city

'Putting Politics Before Health'
- interview with pro-choice activist with Cork Women's Right to Choose Group


Anarchism & the WSM
After ten years of Celtic Tiger Ireland the old lies are beginning to unravel; the politicians, the property developers, and the business class have made a packet, while the rest of us have seen an attack on our services, corrupt government and environmental destruction. Now, as we face into a recession, we’re left with a health service on the brink of collapse, water not fit for drinking, and a government making noises about an attack on wages. But things are beginning to change, across Ireland people are beginning to organise and fight for social change.
As anarchists, the WSM are fighting for a society organised for human happiness, a society without the need for eaders and bosses and where the wealth of the world is owned in common.
We have branches in Cork, Belfast and Dublin, and are working in a number of campaigns, including the Shell to Sea campaign, the Campaign for Decent Public Health System, and pro-choice activism. WSM Cork meets every week, so feel free to come along.
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