Teach-in about Iran


No to imperialist war! No to the theocratic regime!

Hands off the People of Iran (HOPI Ireland) stands against all imperialist intervention in Iran. As the likelihood of war against Iran grows day by day, the crackdown by the Iranian regime on its people intensifies. We are building a campaign to oppose the US and its war-mongering while giving principled solidarity to those struggling within Iran for their freedoms.Hands off the People of Iran
November Teach - In

Saturday November 10th
12.30pm - 6pm

Venue: Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square, Dublin 1.

Admission: free

Themes include:

Imperialist strategy and the threat of war;
Recent struggles in Iran, including film footage;
The nature of the Iranian regime and the recent crackdown;
Trade union rights, strikes and solidarity;
Sexual freedoms and gay rights.

If you recognise that there is an urgent need to establish a principled solidarity campaign with the people of Iran but want to learn more about the country and its people come along and get involved in this crucial debate.

Contact HOPI Ireland: 086 2343 238 or Anne@hopoi.info

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