Outta Control - issue 13 March 1981

Published every four weeks by the Belfast Anarchist Collective. This issue included a four page supplement 'Gaining Ground" 'produced independently by Anarcha-feminists'Front page:

No Wash protest ends - Hunger strike begins!
On the start of the second Hunger Strike

A second Hunger Strike has begun, with Bobby Sands, who is serving 14 years for possession of a gun, refusing food on Sunday, March 1st. He will be joined later by others, including it is thought, 2 of the previous women hunger strikers from Armagh.

- Con-Census
On the census

Uncle Sam Steps in again
On the US in Central America

"Shock Horror" Unemployment
On the struggle against unemployment

Down with more radar
NATO radar in the north

Reign in Spain
On the attempted coup in Spain

Cutting our own throats
Lack of social centres in Belfast

The role of prisons
Crime and prisons

Housing show business
Report of local housing meeting

Mass lawlessness in Zurich
Report on the Zurich youth rios


'Gaining Ground" 'produced independently by Anarcha-feminists'
Four page supplement with the articles

Womens Action Conference
Report on conference in Queens

Doctor in Court
Court case arising out of back street abortion

Status: Newsmagazine for women
Very critical review of southern feminist magazine

A look at the demands of the womens movement
In depth look at demands

Belfast Womens centre
One year report

Events listings
With 7 events

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