No Justice, No Peace!

Despite the bad weather and the protest being organised at short notice (within a day) as well as a passing interest from the PSNI, the Belfast branch of the WSM, Anarchist Black Cross joined others outside Belfast City Hall this evening as part of the growing national and international campaign. In solidarity with Amadeu Casellas who is now entering his 73rd day on hunger strike; and the opposition to his continued political incarceration and persecution by the Spanish state because of his anarchist beliefsRelease Amadeu Casellas Now!

Please consider ringing, faxing or emailing the embassy to demand the release of Amadeu to the Spanish embassy at Dublin
Tel: 269 16 40
Fax: 269 18 54

O you can still send him postcards -

Amadeu Casellas Ramón
Hospital de Terrassa, Mòdul penitenciari
Ctra. Torrebonica, s/n
C.P. 08227