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From a WSM Position or Policy paper

Commenting Guidelines for WSM.IE


The guidelines below will help explain why we decide not to publish or to remove some comments from the site. If you have any problems with editorial decisions please use the Contact Us form to tell us about them. If you include your email address we will be able to reply to you.

Queer Liberation


Workers Solidarity Movement position paper on Queer Liberation as re-written at the October 2011 National Conference. This position paper sits under the Sex, Gender, and Sexuality paper and does not repeat that material here.

Perspectives of the WSM


Collectively agreed perspectives of the WSM as set by National Conference. Updated Feb 2013. 

WSM Constitution


The document that gives the basic definition of the Workers Solidarity Movement and which lays down how we make decisions and how we operate. Last updated at Spring 2012 National Conference.

WSM Administration


WSM administration document, last amended at June 2011 National Conference

Recruitment / Joining the WSM

This paper was retired at the June 2011 National Conference and has been replaced by the Membership & engagement paper.

The Environment


"The environmental crisis we are living through, encompassing unpredictable climate change, resource depletion, pollution and species extinction has primarily been caused by industrial capitalism. The origin of this crisis, and the ways in which the effects have been managed point to a real lack of democracy in society. False solutions to this crisis dominate debate. These include market-based cure-alls, "green" party electoralism, "power of one" style individual action and state regulation and taxation." WSM position paper on the Environment as introduced at November 2007 conference (this paper replaced our old "Environment and Animal Rights" Position Paper, last amended at the May 2010 conference.

WSM Code of Conduct


Passed by WSM National Conference, May 2008.

The Internet


WSM policy on using the internet including the editing of this website. Last updated May 2010

Internal Bulletin


Document detailing the production of the Internal Bulletin, how often it appears and who is responsible for placing reports etc in it. The IB is circulated to all WSM members. Last updated April 2006

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