A day of workshops and discussions organised by the Belfast branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement and the Anarchist Communist Discussion Group.1pm- The tasks facing anarchists in Ireland

The strengths and weaknesses of anarcho-sydicalism and the relevance of the platform in the 21st century.

The WSM prides itself on the ideas of the platform based on collective responsibility, theoretical and tactical unity and federalism. Why do we identify with the platformist current within anarchism and what lessons can we learn from social revolutions in the 20th century, that can be applied to how we organise in the here and now. Organise! have been invited to send a speaker.

2pm- Beyond the state and capitalism- Organising for a free society without bosses and politicians.

Anarchists do not believe in blueprints but how do we envisage a future classless and stateless society. How would we organise public transport, distribute goods and services, and deal with crime in a post-revolutionary society? What do we mean by workers’ control of industry and services?

These are just some of the questions WSM speaker Gavin Gleason will be answering in his talk and subsequent discussion.

3pm- Combating racism and the rise of the far right.

The recent racist attacks in the North served as a wakeup call to everyone. Speakers from the WSM, include former chair of the Anti-Racist Network, Davy Carlin. The speakers will outline what steps should be taken to combat racism as part of the struggle for a better world for everyone.

Refreshments and literature will be avaliable.

Date: Saturday, 18th July.

Venue: Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre
45/47 Lower Donegall Street, city centre