March 2006

Demo in Support of Somalians facing Deportation


On March 9th Somalian Asylum Seekers will be protesting outside the Dail at 12.30pm who are faced with deportation from the state.
Somalia is an unsafe corrupt country human rights abuses are widespread and women and children Female Genital Mutilation(FGM).

Demo at Garda National Immigration Bureau


On March 16th there is a possible deportation to Nigeria. Many more Asylum Seekers than in previous weeks have present themselves at the Garda National Immigration Bureau(GNIB) on Burgh Quay for Deportation

National Day Of Protest Against State Racism


Give Asylum Seekers the right to stay and work- End deportations.

Many Asylum Seekers from around Ireland face deportation by the Irish state. Last year six mass deportations along with individual deportations took place to unsafe, war torn and corrupt countries were lives are in danger. This has to STOP Michael McDowell and the government cannot be let away with this anymore.

Organising for change - Anarchism V Leninism


Theoretically Marxists and anarchists have the same goal. A stateless, classless, communist society. Both of us realise that this state of affairs won’t come about spontaneously through revolution or through the intercession of Lenin’s or Bukarin’s ghost. Rather it requires organisation and work. And it is on this question, the manner of organising society, of fighting for change, and of organising as revolutionaries that major differences emerge

What type of society do anarchists want to live in?


Anarchism essentially sees a free society where everybody has the opportunity to live as they want as achievable. But what does that mean in practice, and how do we get there.

WSMmna meeting


Women of the WSM are meeting.

Dayschool on Women and Revolution


Dayschool in the Teachers Club.

An anarchist opinion on the Dublin anti-loyalist march riot


Saturday saw a major riot in Dublin in response to an attempted Loyalist 'Love Ulster' march through the main street of the capital. For three hours hundreds rioted in the city centre, banks and shops were attacked and looted and cars were set on fire. All the political parties including Sinn Fein have condemned the riots but few have analysed what happened. This article first submitted to suggests the riot shows that "he who sows misery, harvests anger". The author is a WSM member living in Dublin, this is his personal view of events.

Report of Anti-war March in Dublin to mark 3rd anniversary of Iraq war


As part of the international day of protest which saw dozens of anti-war marches around the world anarchists in Ireland took part in the Dublin march.

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