May 2007

Dublin rally in support of Miss D's right to travel for an abortion,


Choice Ireland have called a rally in support of Miss D's right to travel for an abortion, and to demand that all parties commit to legislating for the X case.

Anarchist Film Screening


Saturday 5th May 2007 - 4pm @ Seomra Spraoi, 6 lower ormond quay - blue door (ring the top bell).
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Ethel Macdonald: An Anarchist's Story

Anarchy magazine No 6 - published 1970


Anarchy Magazine was an anarchist magazine published in London from the 1960s. It was originally published by Colin Ward. A second series was published in the 1970s and 1980s from London. Issue No 6 published in 1970 was largely given over to articles written by members of People's Democracy. The PDF file linked to here is a scan of that issue, we have also transcribed some of the articles.

History of the early People's Democracy (1970)


The No6 edition of the British "Anarchy" magazine published in 1970 was largely given over to articles written by members of 'Peoples Democracy'. This article gives a PD view of the history of the north from 1960 to 1970 including the formation of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) and the origins of People's Democracy.

Outta Control - issue 13 March 1981


Published every four weeks by the Belfast Anarchist Collective. This issue included a four page supplement 'Gaining Ground" 'produced independently by Anarcha-feminists'

Report of Rally in support of "Miss D"


This morning, 30 people took part in a solidarity action supporting "Miss D" in her case to be allowed travel abroad for an abortion. The court case continues tomorrow. Rally on Saturday.

No Wash protest ends - Hunger strike Begins! (1981)


A second Hunger Strike has begun, with Bobby Sands, who is serving 14 years for possession of a gun, refusing food on Sunday, March 1st. He will be joined later by others, including it is thought, 2 of the previous women hunger strikers from Armagh.

In Defence of Electoral Apathy


People's apathy, particularly young people's, towards elections is normally presented as some sort of failing in civic responsibility. However, indifference towards the outcomes of elections is actually a sensible position to have - it recognises that the emperor has no clothes.

Nationalism, socialism and partition


The period of Irish history from the 1880's to the 1920's defined and divided politics including socialist politics, on the island for the rest of the century. The most militant workers struggles occurred in the second half of that period, north and south, concentrated in the last five years. This was also the period of the 1916 insurrection in Dublin, the 1918-21 War of Independence, the treaty and partition of Ireland in 1921 and then in the south the bloody Civil War ending in 1923.

The year 1919 saw the greatest demonstration of the potential of Irish workers, north and south to take over the running of society but the events of the following years cemented the division that would do much to end workers militancy. In terms of working class struggle the periods of militancy of northern and southern workers coincide. Yet the working class was divided and these struggles remained almost completely isolated from each other.  (Image: UVF training in 1914)

Solidarity with 'D' in abortion rights case


The D-case is that of a 17 year old woman who has been prevented travelling to England for an abortion. If she is forced to go through with the pregnancy the baby will die soon after birth as the foetus has anencephaly which means parts of the skull and the brain are missing. What follows are reports on solidarity demonstrations on Saturday 5th and Monday 7th May.

Public Health not Private Wealth


We all know that the health service is in a terrible state. Elderly patients on trolleys and in chairs for days while they wait for a bed. Operations cancelled, stressed staff, people having to wait years just to see a consultant.

Why? Ireland is now a wealthy country, there is a lot of cash out there. But, as long as the rich and the politicians have their private hospitals, like the Blackrock Clinic and the Bon Secours in Cork, why should they care about what happens to the rest of us?

Review of the Galway water scandal and analysis of the reasons


A story about how a Government who could see the winning line suddenly got side tracked by the issue of poisoning the very people they were hoping would elect them again.

Galway city has grown by over a quarter since 1996. Its major source of water is the big lake, Lough Corrib North of the city. This is the same water source which deals with sewage from two plants, and has its water treated by a plant which was built in the 1940’s. The planners and the gombeens at the Ministry for the Environment do not appear to be aware of the dangers of that old saying ‘don’t shit where you eat’.

The politics and reality of the peak oil scare


 Peak Oil Theory has been around since the 1970s. Some think we have already reached 'peak oil', others think it will happen with the next twenty-five years. The theory argues that when we reach 'peak oil' the rate at which we extract oil from the earth (measured in millions of barrels per day) will reach a maximum and thereafter will start to drop.

As the rate at which we use oil is currently close to the rate at which we extract it, the point of peak oil will coincide or be closely followed by the world consuming more oil than it is producing. As oil reserves are very limited, within months there simply will not be enough oil available.

Consultants: "Gimme, gimme, gimme ... more, more, more"


The greedy consultants are taking advantage of the current crisis in the health system to help line their own pockets. They're not going on strike in solidarity with the nurses' justified industrial action. Instead, they've recognised the opportunity to make the health service unworkable and so increase the pressure on the Health Services Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health to make their new contracts even sweeter and grab some more cash in the process. They're delaying the much needed reforms in the health service and the increases in consultant numbers, that would benefit all of Irish society, for their own selfish reasons.

Anti-G8 Info evbening and workshop


Information evening and workshop in Dublins Social Centre on the upcoming Anti-G8 mobilisations in North Eastern Germany.
Do come along!

Benefit Gig for Anti-War Protesters


A benefit gig for anti war protesters is being held in the Roddy McCorley Club, West Belfast on Saturday 16th June.

Visit to Polish anarchist bookfair in Poznan


Brief report from 3 of us who went to the anarchist bookfair in Poznan at the start of May

Welcome Guide for folks going to the G8 in Germany


Below is a timeline of some events

All you need to know about Camping at G8 2007


See you at the barricades

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