Solidarity with 'D' in abortion rights case


The D-case is that of a 17 year old woman who has been prevented travelling to England for an abortion. If she is forced to go through with the pregnancy the baby will die soon after birth as the foetus has anencephaly which means parts of the skull and the brain are missing. What follows are reports on solidarity demonstrations on Saturday 5th and Monday 7th May.y

Choice Ireland held a rally at the GPO in Dublin Saturday 5th May in solidarity with 'D' who is prevented travelling to England for an abortion by a court injunction

You can listen to the Audio of speakers at GPO for D case rally (3.4 mb, 15 minutes) at

Pro-choice rally faces off counter demonstration at Four Courts on Monday 7th May

The D-case of a 17 year old woman who has been prevented travelling to England for an abortion continued in the High Court today. A pro-choice solidarity rally took place outside as well as a brief anti-woman counter rally.

This was the first anti-woman counter rally during the case, it attracted less than 1/3 of the attendance of Saturdays pro-choice rally at the GPO despite the fact that many of the anti-woman activists had brought along young children to make up the numbers.

While the pro-choice rally ran from the morning into the afternoon the counter rally was only present for an hour - little more than photocall in the hope of getting media attention. 'D' refused to be intimidated by the counter rally and walked through it to enter the courts - they packed up and left shortly afterwards.

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