October 2007

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Indefensible Health Cut Backs


Wage increases were handed to the top-brass while ordinary health workers and the public were faced with cut-backs, lay-offs and recruitment freezes. It's clear that the politicians, the powerful HSE bureaucracy and the hospital consultants will continue to look out for each other while ordinary people suffer.

Mexican activists speak in Dublin


Meet activists who have helped to build one of the most hopeful experiments in self management and peoples power in recent years.

Founding of Common Cause - Ontario


On September 29th in Toronto a new Ontario anarchist-communist organization, Common Cause, held our founding conference. Preparation for this founding conference had taken place over several months culminating in a speaking tour of six Ontario cities under the title 'Building a Popular Anarchism'.

SHELL TO SEA protest in Dublin


SHELL TO SEA protest in Dublin
at the Department of Natural Resources on Friday 12th of October at Lunchtime (12.45-2PM)

Genoa is not over!!!


Genoa,July 2001. Hundreds of thousands gather to protest against the G8 Summit. More than six years later, 25 demostrators are still on trial for the events of those days: charged with destruction and looting, they risk 8 to 15 years imprisonment.

Policing the State: An Interview with Berkeley CopWatch


CopWatch was formed to combat police brutality against oppressed groups. By documenting and exposing incidences of police misconduct and brutality they hope to foster a culture of resistance to state justice among working class people. This interview with a member of Berkeley CopWatch looks at some of their current activities as well as the broader political context for their work.

Release Mansour Osanloo


The International Transport Workers’ Federation reports that Mansour Osanloo, President of the Tehran Bus Workers’ Union continues to be incarcerated in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran and is being denied essential medical treatment to save his eyesight, despite the Iranian regime refusing to allow the General Secretary of an Indonesian transport workers’ union to visit him this week under the pretext that he was receiving medical treatment.

Living on the Breadline - A Return to the Subject of Precarious Labour.


In recent times, with the increasing influence of business interests on the state, and with the near destruction of social security, workers’ existence is becoming more and more insecure. Precarity is a term that has been developed alongside casualisation to describe the changes wrought by these and the form of working class existence that has developed because of them. Rather than the job-for-life and job security associated with such, workers’ are being coldly moulded into an acceptance of labour that rests on the whims and qualms of the bosses rather than an environment that it is within the workers‘ power to effect and change.

World Bank Holiday


Following on from a successful meeting last week where ideas were discussed and progress was made on what we're going to do to give the bankers a Bank Holiday

Teach-in about Iran


No to imperialist war! No to the theocratic regime!

Hands off the People of Iran (HOPI Ireland) stands against all imperialist intervention in Iran. As the likelihood of war against Iran grows day by day, the crackdown by the Iranian regime on its people intensifies. We are building a campaign to oppose the US and its war-mongering while giving principled solidarity to those struggling within Iran for their freedoms.

Israeli Anarchist to speak in Cork


Activist from "Anarchists Against the Wall" group will report on the struggle against the apartheid separation fence being forced through Palestinian land.

Public debate on the EU-CAN trade agreement




organised by Latin America Solidarity Campaign

Public debate on the EU-CAN trade agreements


BLUE OCTOBER is an international month of action for access to water celebrated by many communities and NGOs around the world. It challenges corporate control of water and aims to protect water as a shared natural resource that should be available to all. www.blueoctobercampaign.org As part of BLUE OCTOBER this year, the Latin America Solidarity Centre, Debt and Development Coalition and Comhlámh would like to extend you an

Campaign for Commercial Free Education conference


The main trade unions in education are sponsoring this confrence in Dublin. Anyone can attend, and it will be particularly useful for teachers, students and others in the education system who want to resist the increasing commercialisation of schools and universities.

Mobilise for Rossport Day of Action, November 9th 2007


The Workers Solidarity Movement is urging anarchists and other supporters of Shell To Sea to get to Rossport for the day-of-action on November 9th. WSM members will join people from around the country in showing, one year since Gardai batoned protesters, that we will not be intimidated.

Against The Wall – Activist To Visit Cork


Leiser Peles, a prominent Israeli opponent of the massive wall that Israel is building on Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank will speak in Cork on Thursday night. Mr. Peles is a member of Anarchists Against The Wall, an Israeli - Palestinian organisation established in 2003 to build solidarity with the Palestinians in their struggles.

Gluaiseacht Skill Share Weekend


A weekend of workshops, talks and films will be held in Seomra Spraoi from 16th-18th November. The purpose of the weekend is to get people new to activism from various backgrounds and groups to meet up, get to know each other and learn from the experience of the current Gluaiseacht activists and others. We hope to create enthusiasm for the various campaigns and some formal and informal networks which would kick-start some serious activism through Gluaiseacht and the other groups invited to participate.

Turkey: Modernisation, authoritarianism & political islam


Turkey has been under the spotlight this year, due to the threats of the Army against the possibility of an Islamist party taking the presidency. This move came to pose a number of questions to the European establishment, as Turkey has been negotiating its entry to the EU. The apparently uneasy two alternatives of government in Turkey are political Islam or the old fashioned authoritarian Kemalist secularism, which has the army as its vigilante sector of the ruling block. The European bourgeoisie has been quite keen to support the ruling AKP Islamist party, instead of the military, sending a clear message that they won’t favour a dictatorship in the vein of that of 1980. Actually, they have compared the authoritarian tradition of Turkey to Greece, saying that entry to the EU would eventually help to democratise it.

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