Experiences of Anarchism in Ireland - talk at Jura in Syndney

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Earlier this year two Irish anarchists delivered talk at Jura books in Sydney regarding the history of anarchism in Ireland, the politics of the WSM and how it organises. The speakers also referred to its ongoing involvement in campaigns and struggles from shell to sea, anti-war activity and involvement in the CAHWT.

Around half a dozen people attended the talk with contributions in the discussion ranging from the lack of an effective, organised anarchist movement in Australia, to resistance against austerity and the robbery of working class people in Ireland.

This will be the first part on a series of anarchism, radical working class history in Australia as I travel and work across the continent so stay tuned.


Talk about Anarchism in Ireland & Workers Solidarity Movement given in Sydney by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


Jura Books is an anarchist bookshop and infoshop located inSydney, Australia. The shop was named after the Jura federation. It has operated since August 1977, first on King Street, Newtown, before moving to Petersham.

Anarchist Resources Incorporated, a non-profit collective, manages the bookshop building, which also includes meeting space and an inherited library collection, The Fanya Baron Library, that was named in honour of Russian anarchist, Fanya Baron.
Australian Ethical Investment uses Jura Books as an example of Socially responsible investing practice, stating that Jura is "a major source in Australia for a wide range of affordable books of community and educational interest including the areas of trade unionism, women's rights, environment, permaculture, indigenous peoples' issues, poetry, arts and non-violent revolution."[1]

Over the many years of operation Jura has built a collection of more than 4,500 Australian and international posters, believed to be one of the biggest and most complete collections of political posters known to exist in Australia.[2] In 2003 a selection of over 100 political posters spanning from the 1960s to the late 1980s were on display at Jura Books.[3]
Jura Books is also used for community meetings and talks. Members of the collective have been involved in organising several successful conferences in Sydney including on Workers Control, 1984 and Social Control, and the 1995 Visions of Freedom conference with guest speaker Noam Chomsky.

It's website can be accessed here: http://jura.org.au/bookshop