The development of anarchism in Sydney


A conversation with Sydney anarchist Sid, co-founder of the Jura books Collective on the history of anarchism in the city and how he became involved in the various phases of the movement. He describes the early debates, conferences and initial projects of opening bookshops and radical spaces. He talks a lot about Jura books whose formation and ongoing maintenance he is centrally involved with.

He looks at the importance of cultural activities in terms of bring people into the space and keeping the bookshop open but also of beig careful to leave space for new people to develp ideas.  Sid also stresses the importance of linking the capitalist crisis with the environment in terms of building a sustainable planet for humanity and our species. He believes that only anarchism has the potential to answer these questions.


The development of anarchism in Sydney - interview with Sid of Jura books by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud