Household tax - What would it mean to win? - leaflet


The Campaign against the Household Tax is in a prime position to win. Mass non-registration is now a reality, and the Campaign has been established in every part of the country.

The Campaign's next objective must be to develop all local campaign groups into democratic mass-participation groups, meeting regularly and putting in place structures to support each other in maintaining non-payment, and defending each other against whatever the government may try to force us to pay.

It is important that we build a campaign structured on the involvement of as many people as possible not just in doing the donkey work such as delivering leaflets etc, but also in contributing ideas to how the campaign should develop.

We need to do this because the more people that are involved in making important decisions for the campaign, the stronger it will be as people will feel a real ownership of the campaign.

Large numbers of people who have never been involved in campaigns before are getting involved in this campaign.

On the other side of this leaflet are some ideas that we in the Workers Solidarity Movement think will help you to become an active participant in your local campaign. 

[Read the other side, What YOU can do in your local Household tax campaign group to make it more effective ]

This text is from the WSM leaflet 'What would it mean to Win' published March 2012.  
You can download and distribute a PDF leaflet of the text.

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