Index of Workers Solidarity Issues from 1998


The articles from the three issues (53-55) of the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity that were published in 1998.

Workers Solidarity #53 Spring 1998

Resist Racist Deportations
Building the anti-racist resistance
Anti-racism campaign on the streets
Free speech and the litter act
The Celtic Tiger ...
Wads of cash
Campaigning for a minimum wage
Scrooge bosses named
Oscar Wilde's socialism
Beware the Bolsheviks
Young, Queer and Proud
Anarchism's Greatest Hits No.6: Ricardo Magon
Review: Anarchists, elections and democracy
Thinking about Anarchism: Organising & Agitating
New abortion rights campaign formed
World Anarchist News
Crime does pay
Letter...Muck, Brass and Green Bans
For starters
That's capitalism
Look Who's Talking Now

Workers Solidarity #54 Summer 1998

For Starters...
That's Capitalism
International News Shorts
Business as usual for the Robber Bankers
Say NO to racism
It's... Carmageddon!
Bricklayers show how to win
SITPU shows how not to
Getting organised locally
Anyone for a Brain Wash?
Massive strike shakes Denmark
Remembering the anarchist resistance to fascism
Dublin Dockland to be developed
Mujeres Libres
Liverpool passes the baton to Australia
Peace deal offers sectarian war or sectarian peace

Workers Solidarity #55 Autumn 1998

That's Capitalism
Housing Crisis
No More Omaghs
Don't let the racists divide us
Government workers to spy?
Mayday letter from the new unemployed network
Unions Against Racism
From behind bars in Clinton's America
Corruption's business as usual
Trains, planes & automobiles
Murdoch Disunited (FU All Forever) FC
Abortion rights
'Propaganda By Deed'
Now that's what we call a rip-off
Louise Michel
The Zapatistas and direct democracy
Review: African Anarchism
International News
Sick Joke of the Year: Al Gore in Vietnam
What a wonderful world we live in!