The Media as truth killer - Radio Solidarity Prog. 4


The audio of Radio Solidarity show 4 is now online. It's all about the Media, how they shape reality to suit their needs, how they attempt to manufacture Consent, how being corporate has lead to 'Churnalism' and how the truth becomes a casualty.

We start with Chomsky’s idea of how to narrow debate so that you can manufacture consent.

Jonathan Adams interviews Nick Davies about how the corporatisation of the media has left it wide open to use simply as a propaganda tool.  He tells us the story of the ‘Terrorist’ who grows back a leg!

We hear of a report from the Anti-Capitalist block and the Right to Work march which took place on the 18th May.  

Holly and Leah two young women who were on the recent protests tells us first hand what their experience was off becoming the centre of a minor media storm.

Barry Finnegan, a man who has done extensive investigations into how the media report on protests and protestors is interviewed by Mark. He provided us with some of the research papers he refers to in the discussion.

Greg Kerr – an INTO Trade Union activist tells us first hand of his experience of how the media cover stories and struggles involving workers.

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