Video from the Villa Park eviction in Dublin with interview


Monday saw an eviction without court order in Dublin involving Garda and private security / builders at Villa Park, Dublin 7.  The house had been left abandoned for at least two years according to  neighbours before being brought back into use last October by people who needed a home.  One of them told us that it was a “Beautiful house that was to be demolished in order to make a new route to warehouse / bakery behind it but neighbours objected and planning permission was refused.  The person claiming ownership seemed to be very wealthy and is listed as a director of over 28 companies.”

December saw the first attempt to eviction through Garda intimidation but they backed off when they realised residents knew the law and were not going to be scared into leaving.  They returned Monday with the alleged owner but with no legal paperwork (i.e. a court eviction order) and started demolishing the back wall. Then they came to the front and started smashing in the door and windows with a sledgehammer. 

There was someone behind the door who was put at risk as the sledgehammer smashed through the door.  The Garda present did not quote any criminal law and had no interest in the fact the alleged owner did not have any court order for eviction.  Their main role on the day was pushing people away as the security smashed the door in.

Once they had gained access they started demolishing the interior of the house and smashed out upstairs windows, in effect making the house uninhabitable and exposing it to the elements.

WORDS & VIDEO Editing: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )

You can view the videos that were recorded during the eviction at


Interview about the eviction of an occupied house in Villa Park, Dublin by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud