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The NEFAC web page is to be found at This would be my first and only major problem - well niggle really. Basically its not the most obvious or intuitive address. On the other hand it's the first thing that comes up when you put "North East Federation of Anarchist Communists" into google. (They are located in the US and Canada).

Rudolf Rocker: Nationalism and Culture - review


Rudolf Rocker is recommended by Chomsky, whose own anarchist thinking is strongly influenced by him, as one of the best writers on anarchism and this is probably his finest work - a brilliant libertarian analysis of the development of power, the cult of the state and their relationship with human liberty and culture.

Alexandre Skirda: Facing the Enemy: A History of Anarchist Organisation from Proudhon to May 1968 - review


Facing the Enemy kicks into gear with a look at Bakunin's ideas on the necessity of anarchist organisation and thereafter studies individualist anarchism, syndicalism, the Organisational Platform of Russian exiles, a quick chapter on the Spanish movement and a somewhat bizarrely detailed account of post war French anarchism. Also, included are almost one hundred pages of original documentation mostly relating to the Organisational Platform.

Review: 'Open Borders: The case against immigration controls'


Most mainstream groups eventually come down clearly in favour of immigration controls and deportations, though arguing for "generosity." This book takes a position that so far has only won over a small but growing minority and argues for the immediate ending of all border controls.

Open Borders: The case against immigration controls
by Teresa Hayter (Pluto Press 2000)
reviewed by Conor McLoughlin

Review of


There are a large number of anarchist news services on the internet - one of the best ones covering North America is the news section of The site looks a little like Indymedia, including readers' comments with articles but in fact all articles require prior approval by an editor.

Malatesta: Life & Ideas - review


This book serves as an introduction to Malatesta's thinking on anarchism. And very lucid thinking it is too. You may agree or disagree, but you won't be scratching your head trying to decipher a load of jargon.

Pamphlets on anarchism


There is an increasing number of books about anarchism being published every year. As anarchism grows in popularity more anarchist organisations are able to produce books, and mainstream commercial publishers certainly see this growing popularity as a way of making extra cash.

Michael Moore's censored America - Stupid White Men


Michael Moore is an American film-maker and political commentator. He's probably best known for his documentary Roger and Me, which charts the effects on his hometown Flint, Michigan when General Motors, the town's largest employer, decide to relocate their factories to Mexico. That breakthrough film was followed by TV series, such as TV Nation, and now another film, Bowling for Columbine, and book, Stupid White Men.

Max Stirner and anarchism


Max Stirner was an obscure prophet of individualism living in nineteenth century Germany. many anarchists today including anarcho communists also consider themselves Stirnerists and a Stirnerist tradition lives on in places like Glasgow. Conor Mc Loughlin examines some of Stirner's ideas.

Review - Globalise this!


Globalise This! is one of the more important and informative books to come out of the Battle of Seattle. Published by Common Courage Press ("Our Goal is to turn pens into swords") the thrust of the book from the very beginning is towards the activist and 'the citizen' interested in doing something about what is wrong on this planet. As the blurb says "The WTO, World Bank and IMF must - and can - be stopped. This book tells us how."

Globalise This! - The Battle Against The WTO and Corporate Rule by Kevin Danaher and Roger Burback (Common Courage Press )

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