July 2007

Public talk -Mexican Grassroots Resistance


Jaquelina Lopez Almazan and Jose Luis Diaz Franco, both members of the APPO-CODEP- Popular Asambly of the Oaxacan People in Mexico will give an acccount of their sttruggle and their fight for justice and freedoom.


The Palestinian Crisis and the Search for a Road Towards Liberation


On the June 2007 Hamas against Fatah conflict in Palestine, the possibilities of the liberation struggle ahead and the responsibility of the international solidarity movement.  Those who think that they’ll break the will to struggle through black mail, through carrot and stick, through hunger forget the fact that, as very few people in the world, the Palestinian people literally have nothing to lose but their chains.

Chilean Timber Workers Union wins 52% wage rise


The Building and Wood Workers’ International reported, earlier this summer, the end of a strike of more than 7,000 workers against CAC – the largest forestry and pulp producing company in Chile.

The Chilean Timber Workers Union won a raise in wages of 12% for the highest earners and a 52% rise for the lowest earners. All other demands had been met prior to the strike, which was called in response to the company's offer of a 5% raise.

An Post Staff to be Dumped in Deregulation?


An Post workers have been on the receiving end of a series of substantial blows which have held down pay rates and undermined rights with regard to status. The late 1970’s and early 1980’s saw strikes and protests by the workers to improve conditions, but recent years have seen management back on the offensive. The latest attack comes in the shape of “deregulation”, just another word for privatisation. If it isn’t stopped it’s going to impact on all of us for the worse.

Anarchism and the WSM


The Southern general election saw six parties make it to the Dail. Five of them were open to coalition with any of the others, the PDs being willing to share power with anyone except Sinn Fein. They all looked for votes on the basis that they would be better managers of the present system.

Know Your Rights Information Stall


Volunteers needed

Seomra Spraoi Fundraiser


Porco Dio Present
Fundraiser for the new Seomra Sprao

Radical cinema


Weekly screening from the radical cinema collective in Seomra Spraoi
meeting before screenings, come along and suggest a themed nite/screening that you'd like to see/share

That's Capitalism WS98


Workers at Aer Lingus are being told to accept worsening conditions and low pay rises. This does not apply to the man who who does the telling, chief executive Dermot Mannion. Last year he was paid a massive €982,000.

Irish Political Policing Continues


Recent arrests of protestors, both north and south of the border, has shown that political policing is alive and well within our society. 

Property is Theft - how capitalism exploits workers


Everybody knows what property is, property is something that we own, but why is this such a major issue for anarchists and the left as a whole? You see when most people think about property it’s not such a big deal because what most people don’t realise is that there are two kinds of property, there is personal property and private property.

So then what is the difference then between personal property and private property?

Capitalism - A Reward for (someone else's!) Hard Work


A recent WSM public meeting in Dublin about anarchism saw something a bit different; members of Fine Gael turning up to defend capitalism. We were told it’s a great system and the rich are simply enjoying the rewards of hard work.

Anti deportation protest


A demo organised by Residents Against Racism in support of Great Agbonlohar and his right to stay in Ireland

Stop Great's Deportation


The case of Great Agbonlohar demonstrates once more the cruel and heartlesss nature of the Irish government’s deportation policy.

The Unions, Democracy and Iraq


When it became clear to the Bush administration that weapons of mass destruction would not be found a tactical decision was made. The new focus of the invasion and occupation would be the "liberation of Iraq" and the creation of a "democratic state" as a model for the middle east. Unless "democratic state" means technocratic oligarichy willing to ally themselves with US interests in exchange for power, then one must thouroughly reject the veracity of this new focus.

Report on Spring 2007 National Conference


The Workers Solidarity Movement held its Spring 2007 National Conference in the Teachers' Club at the end of April. Our conference saw around 70% of the membership attending with many new faces since our last conference 6 months ago.

Full list of amended papers from this conference is below

Short Term Perspectives - http://www.wsm.ie/story/454
Constitution - http://www.wsm.ie/story/32
Trade Unions (short term) - http://www.wsm.ie/story/423
International - http://www.wsm.ie/story/848
Partition Of Ireland - http://www.wsm.ie/story/804
Publications - http://www.wsm.ie/story/456

Protest in Solidarity with jailed Mayo men


If people can get there at lunch time would be appreciated!

Justice for the Ballinaboy 3 GPO 2pm, Sat 14th July


Dublin Shell to Sea Public Protest against the jailing of the Bellanaboy 3 at 2pm this Saturday the 14th July.

Call Out Against G8 2008 Japan


In July 2008, heads of the states that monopolize two thirds of earth’s
wealth will gather at Toya Lake in Hokkaido Japan. Although the
so-called Group of Eight does not have any legitimate right for deciding
planetary affairs, they have self-appointed themselves world rulers. Thus
the G8 has driven neo-liberal globalization at the same time as
spreading poverty, violence, hatred, segregation, and environmental

East Europe Mediaactivist Gathering


The camp will take place from the 11th to the 20th of August 2007 in the main region of transit and labor migration in Ukraine: Transcarpathia.

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