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PSNI District Policing Partnerships- A template for police accountability?


Hugh Orde, current Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland often refers to the force as the ‘most democratic, accountable police service in the world’. Despite its retention of a heavy arsenal of lethal weapons including Tasers, and a litany of repressive 'anti-terror' legislation including ‘dip-lock courts’.

Court upholds Gordon McNeill’s right to protest


Unite leaders forced to back down from their attempt to imprison him.

Unite leaders’ attempt to cripple Gordon with legal costs thrown out by the court

“I will now be returning to my lawful protest outside Transport House” Gordon McNeill

The case brought by the Unite leadership against sacked airport shop steward, Gordon McNeill, was heard in the Belfast High Court this morning. Unite were attempting to have Gordon imprisoned for breaking an injunction barring him from protesting at Transport House.

Amadeu wins demands, hungerstrike ends - campaign continues


After a hungerstrike which lasted 76 days, the Anarchist prisoner Amadeu Casellas won his demands for the privileges he had been denied, supervised freedom under the 3rdº degree, which iwill allow him two 48 hour passes followed by work outside of prison only to return to sleep.

'Rapid Response' call as Shell to Sea Prepare for 'Day X' in Mayo


Preparation is under way to resist unwelcome and destructive activities by Shell and Allseas Ltd

Rossport Solidarity Camp Returns to Glengad with a Fresh Call Out for Action in 2008


The Rossport Solidarity Camp was originally set up on ‘Rossport 5’ Philip McGrath’s land in 2005. In the Spring of 2006 the camp was set up again close to the beach at Glengad near the ‘landfall’ for Shell’s proposed pipeline. Following a mendacious but successful application by Mayo County Council for an order of eviction against the camp in September of 2007, the camp agreed to leave the dunes by January 1st 2008. Since then the 'camp' has organised from the Rossport Solidarity House in Pollathomas

Tips for Avoiding Paying TV License in the North


Some useful info for all those rebels out there....

Film Review: Injustice


“The police are not concerned about protecting me or any of the working class, because they are put here by the ruling class to protect the interests of the rich from the poor. To enforce their laws that keep together their system, that keeps them at the top and the majority at the bottom”.

Belfast Airport Workers Suspend Hunger Strike outside Union offices


Former airport workers, Gordon McNeill, Madan Gupta and Chris Bowyer suspend their hunger strike after the Unite guarantees that their demands will be met. Despite refusing to speak to the strikers face to face and embarking on a deliberate scaremongering campaign of disinformation to undermine the strike (see http://www.indymedia.ie/article/87081), trade union officials from Unite at HQ at Transport House in Belfast have finally caved into the demands of the striking Airport workers.

Peaceful Demo. in Poland Against US Missile Base Ends In Police Brutality


On Saturday March 29th over 700 people attended a protest at noon in the city of Slupsk, Northern Poland, against the Polish government's plans to permit the construction of a US missile base, part of their notorious 'Star Wars' program. On Friday and Saturday solidarity vigils were held with Polish activists in Prague, Dublin, London, Hamburg, Berlin, Moscow, Washington and the U.S. spy base at Fylingdales in England

The continuing detention of Martin Krämer


This is a call out forwarded from the Gipfelsoli Infogruppe, the international media response group set up in the run up to the 2007 G8 in Germany. It follows the continuing detention of Martin Krämer, a German activist involved in the current anti G8 mobilisation. Initially arrested by police in the city of Vanino in the Habarovsk region of the Russian Far East March 3, Martin was turned over the FSB agents, in whose hands he was harshly interrogated and beaten. Martin was accused of carrying "extremist" and "secret" documents. These included archival materials from the 1920s, long since made public, that Kramer had for research purposes. Also included were a copies of the Ukrainian anarchist paper Liva-Sprava and Udar, the paper of Vladivostok's Autonomous Action.

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