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Polish syndicalist Marcel Szary passed away


Marcel Szary, an activist of Workers' Initiative Trade Union in Cegielski factory, died . He was  one of the founders of the union. It is a huge loss for the syndicalist and workers' movement in Poland.

Castlerea Prison protest for Pat O'Donnell's


50 days and counting into his Shell-imposed imprisonment, Shell to Sea shows support for their hero and friend

Shell gas terminal blockaded in solidarity with Pat O'Donnell


Around 25 activists have set up 2 blockades around the Shell Gas terminal in Bacton, Norfolk, UK in solidarity with Pat O'Donnell & the community in Rossport, Mayo and against the destruction of environment and communities by Shell world-wide.

Why Education workers should Vote no to the Public Sector Agreement


This text is currently being distributed in leaflet form by the Vote No to the Public Sector Agreement campaign within the Irish National Teachers Organisation. As well as arguing why the agreement is bad for education workers in the public sector it also explains why it is also bad for other public sector workers.  If you want to distribute the leaflet you'll find a link to a PDF of it at the bottom of the text.

Athy: May Day Festival 2010


This is the first May Day festival in living memory in the welcoming and historic town of Athy, Co. Kildare. It is taking place at a time of great uncertainty within our country and where a biased media whips up anti-trade union sentiment almost on a daily basis.

US forces kill journalists, ambulance crew, shoot children in Iraq


Al Jazerra have released this video that shows US Apache helicopters use a mini gun against a group of journalists & civilians in Iraq.  When a van arrives to evacuate the injured that is also shot up, killing the driver.  When US troops arrive on the scene the pilots laugh when they run over a body and then  when they are told that the injured include two children laugh again saying 'you shouldn't bring your children to a war.'  Except of course those they have killed were not in a war, they were walking down a street before being  gunned down from the sky without cause or warning.

Dublin Bike Courier dispute 2001/2002


Back in 2001 - 2002, bike messengers in Cyclone Couriers in Dublin got a bit bolshie and began to get organised. Always a tricky industry to make headway in, we won a couple of pay rises and fought back the boss's attempt to reduce our working conditions.

Battle Ground Athens: second general strike leads to pitched battles


More than 150,000 people took to the streets of Athens against the austerity measures in a mass protest marches that have led to extended battles in the greek capital.

WSM member on RTE arguing for strike on 24th


WSM member Gregor Kerr was on Liveline prior to the 24th November strike. This is an audio recording of what he said and the responses it drew from other callers,

Belfast: Talk and discussion on the issue of neo-liberalism


Working people continue to bear the brunt of the economic recession in terms on job cuts, poverty wages and house repossessions, while the rich and powerful in our society are bailed out again. This is state capitalism and comes under various forms from thatcherism to neo-liberalism.

The Belfast Anarchist Communist Discussion Group, set up by the Belfast branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement recently invited Michael Reinsborough to give a talk on the topic of neo-liberalism.

The public meeting took place on Wednesday 17th June in the Belfast Unemployment Centre.

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